Strength and Conditioning for Fencing
Bilateral Deficits & Morphofunctional Assymetries in  Youth Fencing
Motor Asymmetry in Elite Fencers
Novel Lunge Biomechanics in Modern Sabre
Kinematic Characterisation of Lunge/Fleche in Epee
Bio-mechanics of Fencing :
A Scoping Review
Study of Impact Shocks in Fencing
Gender Differences in Patellofemoral Load in Epee Lunge
Physiological Responses/ Energy Expenditure: Epee Fencing, Elite Female Fencers
Physiological Responses/Energy Cost in Fencing Simulation
Kinematic Characterisation of the Lunge & Fleche in Epee: 2 Case Studies
Musculoskeletal Injuries: Able-Bodied & Wheelchair